Why a local food hub?

Commercial Kitchen Hire
Low cost, low risk, full service culinary flex-space

Shared kitchen space holds many promises for budding food entrepreneurs and growers who wish to value-add their produce. We want to enable efficiency, growth and innovation in the local food market, thereby solving pain points for small food makers. We lease kitchen space to micro-enterprise start-up food makers who specialise in artisan products, with the aim of incubating their business and preparing for growth.

In addition to hiring out space to community groups, the Shed’s commercial kitchen allows ‘kitchen grade’ produce to be processed as value-added products, thereby reducing on-farm waste.

We offer the following features in our commercial kitchen:

    • Multiple work stations
    • Professional grade equipment
    • Shared cold storage, freezer and dry storage areas
    • Specialised equipment
  • Shared loading docks for receiving and distribution


Emma-Kate Rose and Robert Pekin

We are the founders of Food Connect, and have been the anchor tenants in this warehouse for the last 12 years.  Over the last six years, we’ve built and managed the commercial kitchen and processing rooms to help 12 ethical food entrepreneurs grow their business.

Jennifer Le Savéant
(nee Burns)

We’ve been joined by Jennifer Burns, who has brought with her a wealth of financial, marketing and Board experience. She’s also been a member of the Food Connect Foundation Advisory Board for the last 12 months.

While we are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved, we think we need to move the needle even further.

Shed ownership is one thing, however we believe the next step is to retrofit the building using net-postive design principles to create Australia’s most sustainable, community-owned local food hub.

By coming together, we believe we can achieve big things to ensure a healthy, resilient food system for future generations.

​The Food Connect Shed is already a place where the community can connect with our network of local growers and makers, food entrepreneurs can rent space, and the community can hire the venue. Now we want to retrofit it to the highest sustainable design principles in the world.

A Place for Support

Are you a budding ethical food entrepreneur?

The Food Connect Shed is a place where you can grow your food business alongside like minded people, knowing you are supported with the space, suppliers and the equipment to help take you to the next level. We are currently the home to eight local food entrepreneurs, including our original business: Food Connect.

A Place for Community

We’ve hosted hundreds of events over the last thirteen years – from film festivals to weddings. We’re keen to grow this side of the business by hosting events, parties, meetings, workshops and co-working spaces.