We did it!

Over 500 members of our community have become co-owners of their very own local food hub.

You’ve probably already heard the story. When Robert lost his family’s farm twenty years ago, it set him on a mission to create a fairer food system. Food Connect is the realisation of that search, and after 13 years connecting city folk with their growers, we believe the next step is for the community to own the infrastructure that supports our local food system, and share in the risks and rewards.

Last year, we embarked on the seemingly impossible and raised over $2 million to buy the Shed with the wonderful help of PledgeMe – an equity crowdfunding organisation that helps social enterprises raise money with the people who care about them the most.

It’s an exciting opportunity for a new era in community-ownership, and we can’t wait to work with you all to make the changes we want to see together. And if you think we’re excited, check out Costa’s reaction in the moments after we hit our target.